During the reign of Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty, the old chief of the Red Flower Society Yu Wanting passes away from illness, and his godson Chen Jialuo is ordered to take over the chief position. Chen Jialuo, who has just entered the martial world, learns that multiple branches of the Red Flower Society has been attacked by mysterious organizations, and the whereabouts of the fourth leader Wen Tailai are unknown. During the process of inquiring about the news, Chen Jialuo reaches a deal with the dancer Yu Ruyi who is interested in the treasures of King Fu. The two of them start their journey in Hangzhou, and together with the third leader Zhao Banshan and the fourth sister-in-law Luo Bing, they rescue Wen Tailai. It turns out that Wen Tailai possesses a more shocking secret which attracts various forces to hunt them down, and results in an espionage war between the martial world and the imperial court. How should Chen Jialuo make a choice between affection and righteousness?


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